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Dry thorn forest (DTF), dry deciduous forest (DDF), moist deciduous forest (MDF), semi evergreen forest (SEF).
All study sites were located in large tracts of eastern deciduous forest that were protected by private and municipal entities except the Clifton site, which was a residential woodlot (Table 1).
Hiller (2007) and Pusateri (2003) observed adult female deer and fawns using numerous wetland vegetation types throughout the growing and non-growing seasons including lowland shrub, lowland deciduous forests, and bottomland hardwood forests.
The principal component loadings indicated that the land cover type's dense deciduous forest, sparse deciduous forest, mines quarries and bedrock, settlement/developed, and fields loaded weakly on component 1.
philippensis observed during March 2009 and February 2010 in tropical deciduous forests, Rajasthan, India.
Specifically, locations were most influenced by a higher proportion of deciduous forest ([beta] = 0.
Residents donated the skin of a male that was captured in tropical deciduous forest.
Deciduous forests are the richest ecosystems on the grounds of BRF.
In this analysis, after some exploratory investigations, we combined both deciduous forests as a single forest (the damming effects were very similar for both forests) and separated plots into two distance groups: samples near riverbed (0-30m distance) and samples at a distance from riverbed (30-60m distance).
There are at least 20 species of Bunchosia in southern Mexico, over half of them endemic, the rest also in Central America and two also in the West Indies; they occupy diverse habitats, from open dry shrubby associations and tropical deciduous forests to mesic and wet forests.
But the climate at glacial maximum reduced the prairies and deciduous forests to such small refuges that scientists have only recently found them.