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DECIME. A French coin, of the value of a tenth part of a franc, or nearly two cents.

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The 33–year–old, who skippered Spain to the World Cup four years ago, said: "La Decima is so important, more so than the World Cup.
Decima came to live in Handsworth, Birmingham, with her family from St Kitts in the Caribbean in 1961 when she was just seven years old.
Leading the programme: Decima Francis and her brother Virdell Francis.
Take David West, co-founder of the Decima Gallery, in east London, who sees nothing wrong in allowing Madeleine McCann's face to be pasted on to models in pornographic poses.
Decima Watkins and dad David spent a year making the "Decima" remote control metal detector - and have found more than pounds 2,000 in cash using it.
Percentage of employed women in Canada who say that having a rewarding and inspiring job was the main reason for employee satisfaction, according to a survey by Decima Research: 29
To that end, pollster Allan Gregg (then head of Decima Research) was invited to present to CCPA's board data on public perceptions of the Canadian chemical industry.
For the last 23 years, Velasquez and business partner Rosario Rabiela have owned a restaurant called Decima Musa, after Sor Juana, who was called the "Tenth Muse" in Spain.
Toronto--An Investors Group poll of 160 divorced Canadian adults conducted by Decima Research shows that a majority believe divorce is the most expensive event that can happen in a person's life.
According to a Decima survey of 2,000 adult Canadians for Investors Group:
Decima Heckford, 73, a retired secretary, was born in Church Lawford.
Yucatan produce ahora una decima parte de las 160,000 toneladas anuales que alcanzo cuando se fundo Cordemex.