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Analog Devices AD9675 Low Cost, Octal Ultrasound AFE with On-Chip RF Decimator and JESD204B Serial Interface, is the latest addition to the company's award-winning octal ultrasound receiver family.
Aa And thank you for your efforts to bring war criminal, torturer, decimator of the United States Constitution, the George W.
Based on the results, the nation's car abusers can be divided into: Interior Decimators - You can step into the car of an Interior Decimator and wrongly assume it has just staged the Glastonbury festival.
Hardware decimator leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
Hardware decimator - used to minimize DSP calculations and reduce CPU load by up to five percent by leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
Serving satellite service providers, teleport operators, satellite operators and manufacturers, our product lines include: Mon-A-Co(TM) Monitor and Control Systems, Carrier/Spectrum Monitoring Systems, Decimator PCI-based spectrum analyzer card, In-Orbit Test Systems, Network Management Systems, Uplink Systems, Satellite Gateways and TT&C Systems.