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A conclusion reached after an evaluation of facts and law.

As a generic term, decision refers to both administrative and judicial determinations. It includes final judgments, rulings, and inter-locutory or provisional orders made by the court pending the outcome of the case. Frequently, a decision is considered the initial step in a rendition by a court of a judgment in an action.

When referring to judicial matters, a decision is not the same as an opinion, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. A decision is the pronouncement of the solution of the court or judgment in a case, while an opinion is a statement of the reasons for its determination made by the court.


n. judgment, decree, or determination of findings of fact and/or of law by a judge, arbitrator, court, governmental agency, or other official tribunal (court). (See: judgment, decree, findings of fact)


(Election), noun choosing, judgment, pick, selection, will
Associated concepts: appellate decision, decision upon the merits, lower court decision


(Judgment), noun choice, decree, placitum, resolution, verdict
See also: adjudication, alternative, animus, arbitration, authority, award, call, choice, cognovit, conclusion, consequence, conviction, decree, desire, determination, dilemma, discernment, discretion, disposition, documentation, election, finding, finding of guilt, holding, judgment, opinion, option, outcome, poll, pronouncement, referendum, relief, res judicata, result, ruling, selection, sentence, verdict, volition, vote, will


an Act of the EUROPEAN UNION that (unless it comes from the EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY (ECSC), which ceased to exist in 2002) is binding in its entirety on the person or persons to whom it is addressed whether member state, person or undertaking. It can be imposed by the Council of the European Union or the Commission of the European Union. It tends to be administrative in character. It can have DIRECT EFFECT. The rights and obligations arising under the international agreements concluded by the ESCS were taken over by the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, by instrument in 2002.

DECISION, practice. A judgment given by a competent tribunal. The French lawyers call the opinions which they give on questions propounded to them, decisions. Vide Inst. 1, 2, 8 Dig. 1, 2, 2.

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In order to determine the algorithms to be used in the decision tree model, the performance criteria for ID3, C4.
781) kg was estimated for Node 0 in which 47 sheep was present at the top section of CHAID decision tree diagram.
Simulations were conducted on these cases and the results were compared with the decision tree predictions.
Ross Quinlan is so named because it is a descendant of the ID3 approach to inducing decision trees, a decision tree is a series of questions systematically arranged so that each question queries an attribute and branches based on the value of the attribute.
This paper proposes the research on the data aided English literature and culture corpus based on decision tree and natural language processing models.
In our experiment, nine standard video sequences listed in Table 1 have been used to construct the decision trees of the proposed scheme, because they represent different visual content, motion, and resolution.
For this purpose, different techniques of artificial intelligence are adressed, such as decision trees, bayesian networks, among others.
After the ten loops, the decision tree with the higher classification accuracy was chosen as optimal.
People randomized to the decision tree group also did significantly better than the standard care group in three measures of attitudes about quitting (Figure 2): (1) a higher level of motivation to quit (8.
Figure 1 illustrates a simple decision tree model that includes a single binary target variable Y (0 or 1) and two continuous variables, x1 and x2, that range from 0 to 1.
The created classifier is visualized for the teacher and forthcoming events are classified based on this decision tree.
This decision tree can be used to screen for depression, but not to reach a final diagnosis," Jenny says.

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