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A conclusion reached after an evaluation of facts and law.

As a generic term, decision refers to both administrative and judicial determinations. It includes final judgments, rulings, and inter-locutory or provisional orders made by the court pending the outcome of the case. Frequently, a decision is considered the initial step in a rendition by a court of a judgment in an action.

When referring to judicial matters, a decision is not the same as an opinion, although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. A decision is the pronouncement of the solution of the court or judgment in a case, while an opinion is a statement of the reasons for its determination made by the court.


n. judgment, decree, or determination of findings of fact and/or of law by a judge, arbitrator, court, governmental agency, or other official tribunal (court). (See: judgment, decree, findings of fact)


(Election), noun choosing, judgment, pick, selection, will
Associated concepts: appellate decision, decision upon the merits, lower court decision


(Judgment), noun choice, decree, placitum, resolution, verdict
See also: adjudication, alternative, animus, arbitration, authority, award, call, choice, cognovit, conclusion, consequence, conviction, decree, desire, determination, dilemma, discernment, discretion, disposition, documentation, election, finding, finding of guilt, holding, judgment, opinion, option, outcome, poll, pronouncement, referendum, relief, res judicata, result, ruling, selection, sentence, verdict, volition, vote, will


an Act of the EUROPEAN UNION that (unless it comes from the EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY (ECSC), which ceased to exist in 2002) is binding in its entirety on the person or persons to whom it is addressed whether member state, person or undertaking. It can be imposed by the Council of the European Union or the Commission of the European Union. It tends to be administrative in character. It can have DIRECT EFFECT. The rights and obligations arising under the international agreements concluded by the ESCS were taken over by the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, by instrument in 2002.

DECISION, practice. A judgment given by a competent tribunal. The French lawyers call the opinions which they give on questions propounded to them, decisions. Vide Inst. 1, 2, 8 Dig. 1, 2, 2.

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2) Participants in the decision tree group answered questions * that directed their HIV provider to select the most appropriate smoke-ending medication, including varenicline (Chantix), bupropion, or a nicotine replacement therapy (patch, lozenge, gum, inhaler, or nasal spray).
Decision Tree (DT) approach is used to analyze the data in the form of tree.
Decision Tree concentrates on acquiring small, lower-middle market companies, typically from their founders.
Then the selected attribute is eliminated from the list of attributes and again information gain is calculated for remained attributes until the whole decision tree would be developed.
There are many different approaches to decision making in group therapy but the author selected a decision tree process over other group therapy approaches for two reasons.
Datacert's Passport Litigation Decision Analysis and Optimisation Module is the first of its kind to integrate historical matter management data with decision tree analysis and predictive modeling tools to enable counsel to answer settlement negotiation and litigation strategy questions such as "How much is this case likely to cost?
To resolve unclassifiable region in conventional OvO, decision tree OvO SVM formulation is proposed [19].
In this paper, Decision Tree Analysis and Association Rules in Data Mining, as well as the EKB model and the SERVPERF scale, were used to discuss the correlation of various items, and provide further insight into the customers' perceptions of the industry.
A decision tree may well serve as a lending decision tool as accurate as a neural network, but with the transparency of more traditional models and less subject to manipulation than the FSA model.
Our approach is to classify a given unknown character into its base consonant class using one decision tree and then into a specific vowel mark class using the second decision tree.
3LCD TECHNOLOGY, NAMED FOR ITS ADVANCED 3-CHIP LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY design, outsold all other projection technologies in the front projector market in 2006 and the first quarter of 2007, according to Decision Tree Consulting.

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