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In addition, it is important to recognize that health care decision-makers do not make decisions solely on the basis of economics.
Pursuant to 14th Amendment rights, the courts have decided that these arenas of a person's life are far too sensitive to restrict by appointing a substitute decision-maker.
Hybel contends that the emphasis of realists on the international structure is somewhat misplaced because decision-makers approach the world with different beliefs, values and intellectual capabilities.
The IT decision-makers survey was conducted online within the United States between February 21 and 28, 2005, among a nationwide cross section of 354 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 100 employees.
Not surprisingly, half (50%) of the IT decision-makers surveyed do not believe that employees can accurately identify phishing sites.
If a single party (including related parties) holds substantive rights to remove a decision-maker without cause, the decision-maker would be considered an agent and no other factors need be considered.
Part of the temptation of the decision-maker is selective scanning and weighing of factors, principles, loyalties, etc.
RIM professionals are perfectly placed to ensure appropriate information is identified as key intelligence and is communicated proactively to the responsible decision-maker.
IT Decision-Maker Web@Work Survey Results: * HACKING TOOLS AND KEYLOGGERS -- 17 percent of IT decision-makers have had employees launch a hacking tool or a keylogger within their network, versus 12 percent in 2005.
resource availability and decision-maker risk propensity) is low, the overall momentum for organizational change may be low.
Unfortunately, some of these decisions are made hastily, without in-depth consideration, lacking full information for decision-makers, and without the benefit of having adequate time to carefully consider implications and costs of suggested new policies, policy changes, or other decisions before finalizing their implementation.
The Directory of Hospital Personnel is the only complete source for key Hospital decision-makers by name.

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