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2D/3D Visualization Technologies in the Context of a Visual Decision-Making Framework
Information load refers to a decrease in the effectiveness of decision-making.
It is anticipated that the inexperienced nurse will carry increasing responsibility for clinical decision-making about the care of increasingly complex patient situations.
It is logical, plausible, reasonable to say, as many advocates of shared decision-making seem to say, that anyone who helps shape a decision, helps give the decision meaning, helps give it effect, "shares" in it.
The intuitive decision making process is the smooth automatic performance of learned behaviour sequences and often can short-circuit a step-wise decision-making, thus allowing an individual to know almost instantly what the best course of action is (Khatri and Ng 2000).
At first glance, this multipotentiality seems quite advantageous, although it may complicate career decision-making and goal setting for gifted and talented students (Kerr, 1990).
If the behavior being displayed is adaptive and helps a person reach their goals, then no error can exist in decision-making regardless of rationality.
Finance must inspire the recapture of intuition as a factor in decision-making, fostering dialogue and discovery to create practical action plans and identify the first signs of flawed choices.
Diversity issues came to the forefront in career decision-making research in 2004.
Building on efforts to increase awareness of cognitive executive decision-making skills for persons with disabilities, Wehmeyer (1993) defines cognitive executive decision-making as developing an improved self-concept, self-esteem and awareness of personal needs, interests, goals, strengths and limitations.
Executive Program in Defense Decision-Making (in-residence course)
Ultimately, he maintains that "thin slicing" is a valuable skill that is not only superior to other methods of decision-making, but one that can be improved.

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