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Produced by a committee of the Institute of Medicine, this report describes the current decision-making process for the provision of appropriate health care and disability compensation for veterans with health conditions that develop after military service which, in the absence of scientific evidence to create a complete link, are presumed to be connected to their military service.
Supervisors who consistently practice these pre- and postmeeting discussions receive positive feedback from their personnel for including them in the decision-making process.
They found that exploratory behavior may facilitate career decision-making, and self-exploration is valuable in the career decision-making process.
It is an element of the decision-making process that is ripe for misuse," he says.
However, the regulatory context of this empowering, professional-family partnership is one in which all understand and seek to avoid escalation up the pyramid's levels to a more coercive regulatory response in which the state, through its social workers and/or family court, take over the decision-making process.
5 will reportedly help companies lower their total cost of ownership and improve the decision-making process.
I had to let [the priests] know that while it may have happened unconsciously it was not helpful to the decision-making process.
The fact that Sarbanes-Oxley and the stock exchanges are requiring more independent directors, some of whom will serve on compensation committees, will create a more balanced decision-making process at public companies.
That makes the whole decision-making process on the farm better.
In sum, Appeals is taking a hard look at the settlement process in hopes of improving the quality of the decision-making process while making it more timely.
The authors present a 3-stage model--Prescreening, In-depth exploration, and Choice (PIG)--aimed at increasing the quality of the career decision-making process and its outcome.
And there's no better source of emotional solace and spiritual insight than a computer program such as LifePath, "which walks users through the same kind of decision-making process that business executives use.

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