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So too has UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson, who said in January, "Let us make the 2030 Agenda a living and lasting Declaration of Interdependence for the 21st century.
Warner's follow-up Sit Down and Shut Up (New World Library, 978-1-57731-559-9) was released this spring, and One City: A Declaration of Interdependence by Ethan Nichtern (Wisdom, 978-0-86171-516-9) published in August.
In the 1940s Will wrote a Declaration of Interdependence, which called for racial and religious equality, a decade before the civil rights movement began.
Will Hutton is a columnist for The Observer and the author of The State We're In and A Declaration of Interdependence.
With an unrelenting drumbeat, Will Hutton's A Declaration of Interdependence offers its readers a stinging indictment of conservative public policy as the cause of an outbreak of socio-economic and political ills currently gripping America.

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