Declaration of intention

DECLARATION OF INTENTION. The act of an alien, who goes before a court of record, and in a forma manner declares that it is, bona fide, his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, whereof he may at the time be a citizen or subject. Act of Congress of April 14, 18O2, s. 1.
     2. This declaration must, in usual cases, be made at least three years before his admission. Id. But there are numerous exceptions to this rule. See Naturalization.

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With a declaration of intention to stand for the FIFA presidency, his football career may have one final, belated, act to play.
A Semapa spokesman confirmed reports that both companies have signed a declaration of intention which is hoped to lead to a memorandum of understanding soon.
The two were among the first to file their declaration of intention for the race, along with businessman Frank Sheftel of North Hollywood.
044, Central Equatoria, member of the SPLM National Liberation Council (NLC), hereby, submitting my letter of declaration of intention to run for the Governorship of Central Equatoria State, 2010, on the Party ticket.
This led, three months later, to First Minister Carwyn Jones' declaration of intention to take the airport into public ownership.
The contract provides services related to the development of project documentation and sections of sanitary sewer connections and water supply connections in the municipality of Milowka and obtaining all the necessary decisions, permits, filings in the decision on the construction permit or submission of a declaration of intention to carry out the works to the authorities public administration within 8 elements - the areas mentioned in point 1 point ah Annex 1 to the Agreement - Scope of the Order.
Those US statements, he added, are not only declaration of intention but
Turk said Atalay's press confernce was nothing more than a declaration of intention as there was no solid project at hand.
Concerning the declaration of intention, questions like, "Did you understand the declaration of intention?
The coalition's declaration of intention says: "(We) envision an America where every city street has sidewalks, where drivers always respect pedestrians, and where a 10-year-old can safely walk to buy a loaf of bread.
We are making a declaration of intention with this.
The contract is for services related to the design documentation networks and connections of sanitary sewage within the municipality Ujsoly and obtaining all the necessary decisions, permits, applications including the decision on the construction permit or submission of a declaration of intention to carry out the works to the district office, as described in Annex Agreement No.

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