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Jiwei has over 16 years experience in algorithm design, declarative programming and software engineering in the telecommunications field.
Net improves developer productivity with an HTML-like style of declarative programming that builds web pages with less code.
It's declarative programming," said Jeff Worthington, iMedium's chief technical officer.
Quicker development is also enabled through a visual and declarative programming model that is already common to Oracle ADF developers.
Versata customers typically experience 3 to 5 times faster application development using declarative programming and business rules than with procedural programming.
Adobe Systems, a leading developer of software for consumers, creative professionals and enterprises, demonstrated the possibilities for ISVs created by integrating the new "Avalon" presentation technology and declarative programming techniques for Windows.
Simplified programming model - JBoss jBPM's process-oriented programming model combines the best of Java and declarative programming techniques.
Cutting-edge development enhancements: Support for client-side web services, including a revamped XML stack, a new scripting engine, declarative programming support through annotations and improved developer experience for JDBC(TM) technology programming; -- Improved end-user experience: An implementation of Microsoft's "Longhorn" look and feel and the ability to co-exist with the .