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DECOCTION, med. jurisp. The operation of boiling certain ingredients in a fluid, for the purpose of extracting the parts soluble at that temperature. Decoction also means the product of this operation.
     2. In a case in which the indictment charged the prisoner with having administered to a woman a decoction of a certain shrub called savin, it appeared that the prisoner had administered an infusion (q.v.) and not a decoction; the prisoner's counsel insisted that he was entitled to an acquittal, on the ground that the medicine was misdescribed, but it was held that infusion and decoction are ejusdem generis, and that the variance was immaterial. 3 Camp. R. 74, 75.

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We have previously shown that a DG decoction possesses dilator properties on the rat basilar artery (Lam et al.
For the preparation of herbal decoction, 30g of sliced AR or HR were weighed, and mixed with ASR (6g) to form two different DBT: DBT with AR (denoted as [DBT.
This HPLC method was successfully used to determine the levels of berberine, palmatine, baicalin, baicalein and gardenoside simultaneously in rat tissues after oral administration of the HLJDT decoction.
The quantitation results showed that the concentrations of paeoniflorin, baicalin, baicalein, glycyrrhizin and wogonin in the HQT decoction (1.
Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT) is a very popular Chinese herbal decoction having a specific formulation prescribed for women in China as a remedy for menopausal symptoms, which improves their health by raising the "Qi" (vital energy) and nourishing the "Blood" (body circulation).
UPLC-QTOF-MS with chemical profiling approach for rapidly evaluating chemical consistency between traditional and dispensing granule decoctions of Tao-Hong-Si-Wu decoction.
In our case, the patient ingested a traditional decoction a day prior to her adverse event and had been eating egg yolk daily for a month.
A decoction of milk and ginger and little rock salt at bed time will reduce heaviness in the stomach and relieve intestinal and gut cramps.
Its urine is considered a medicinal decoction used to heal open sores and soothe aching joints.