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Jaylen was the only student to connect decomposers to food chains during the pre-interview.
Possibly, the increase of temperature in the experimental units favored the activity of decomposer microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which use carbon as energy source (Kulikowska & Klimiuk, 2010), causing loss of carbon, mainly, and increase in the concentrations of the contaminants.
Weston polymer additives include various liquid and solid organic phosphites that function as hydroperoxide decomposers, metal-complexing agents, and antioxidants and offer increased resistance to heat and light.
Moisture in the heap is essential to the microbes driving decomposition, though it must not be soaking wet--a condition that would inhibit decomposers while favoring pathogens.
The graphical representations of the complex concepts such as evolution, food chains and webs, unseen world of scavengers and decomposers are striking and very engaging.
Fungi, including mushrooms, are important decomposers.
The interpreter gave a short introduction and then encouraged students to venture off-trail and locate examples of decomposers.