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What emerged was a strong consensus that drugs across the board should be decriminalised.
Mr Delaney said that while there was nothing inherently wrong with decriminalised parking enforcement, the fact that the present regime often left a lot to be desired was leading drivers to question its motivation.
Kaushal contended that the armed forces be impleaded in the case, as their stand is contrary to the Delhi High Court verdict, which decriminalised gay sex among consenting adults in private.
The best way forward for the council is to keep the programme of decriminalised parking so we avoid the city descending into anarchy.
The committee said decriminalised parking enforcement, where councils take over matters from the police, must be extended throughout the country.
We consider a council's decriminalised parking enforcement and the proposed civil enforcement in the Traffic Management Act should be subject to Audit Commission scrutiny.
It would make sense to look in more detail at the possibilities of establishing a decriminalised parking area,knowing that the enforcement of traffic orders cannot always be a priority for the police.
Mr Tony Blair was urged to change his tough stance on cannabis yesterday after a poll revealed a majority of people want the drug decriminalised.
The report to Tuesday's panel states: "On-street charging for parking will need to be considered in the context of the decriminalised enforcement of parking regulations.
A ROW erupted last night after Ken Livingstone called for the drug Ecstasy to be decriminalised.
COLEEN Nolan believes prostitution should be decriminalised - after once promising her son sex with a hooker if he passed his GCSEs.