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The DeCypher system is powerful, and effectively complements CuraGen's scalable, high-throughput genomic platform.
With the quantity of sequence data dramatically increasing in genomics, it is very clear that there is great demand for genome analysis accelerators at a general laboratory level, and that TimeLogic's new My DeCypher product is well positioned to satisfy this need.
DeCypher has been available in Japan for several years and has established a very good reputation for quality, accuracy, continuous improvement, and ease-of-use.
Commenting on the dramatic result, Jim Lindelien, founder and CTO of TimeLogic, said, "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to validate our Solaris-based DeCypher Sun Fire accelerator with SDSC's, JCSG's and Sun's fine teams.
The DeCypher servers perform a variety of algorithms; the first offered by NCGR is BLAST, the dominant search engine used with biological sequence databases.
DeCypher is utilized worldwide by over 50 top biotechnology, government and pharmaceutical institutions, and has been accelerating the pace of bioinformatics discovery since 1996.
DeCypher bioinformatics systems are in use by over 50 top biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies, as well as key academic and government research institutions worldwide.
TimeLogic's DeCypher Technology Ported to the Sun Platform and Integrated
DeCypher enables researchers to tackle biocomputing projects economically, without driving up power, cooling, and maintenance costs.
The Decypher Collective is a group of five young rappers from Birmingham.