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DEDIMUS, practice. The name of a writ to commission private. persons to do some act in the place of a judge; as, to administer an oath of office to a justice of the peace, to examine witnesses, and the like. 4 Com. Dig. 319; 3 Com. Dig. 359; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t. Rey, in his Institutions Judiciaires, de l'Angleterre, tom. 2, p. 214, exposes the absurdity of the name given to this writ; he says it is applicable to every writ which emanates from the same authority; dedimus, we have given.

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Et primo a libraria sumentes initium volumus, et mandamus quod in camera quae est in medio domorum nostrarum versus orientem quae habet tres fenestras ferreas, fiat libraria de libris nostris quos eidem collegio dedimus et damus; quos volumus catenatis esse ligatos in scannis secundum convenientem ordinem, ita ut libri sacrae theologiae sint in una parte, libri iurium in alia, libri vero philosophiae in alia, libri gentilium et rhetoricorum in alia secundum quod rectori et scolaribus videbitur expedire, ita ut per omnia ille modus servetur in libraria qui servari solet in aliis librariis collegiorum et monasteriorum" (my emphasis).
Hansen holds gubernatorial appointments to the Board of Trustees at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and as a Dedimus Justice to the Maine Department of the Secretary of State, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Penobscot County Bar Association.