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An inmate filed an action against the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), alleging claims of defamation of character, negligence, battery and constitutional claims.
Codikow, who denied the charges, had countersued for defamation of character and sexual harassment.
She subsequently filed a libel suit in the Mexico City Attorney General's Office April 16 against the newspaper, stating that the April 12 article contained false information and was an intentional defamation of character.
Faculty members will not tolerate this infringement on academic freedom and defamation of character, nor would you if you were in our positions," Clahane's e-mail said.
When company officials indicated that her contract was not renewed due to her declining powers, the ballerina launched a wrongful dismissal suit as well as libel actions for defamation of character.
Damage awards may also be paid as a result of actions brought for libel, slander and defamation of character, involving personal and professional reputation (which have been considered personal injuries in the past), Remedies for personal injury affecting personal reputation could include damages for emotional distress resulting from personal humiliation and shame.
I invite readers to judge for themselves whether this would constitute defamation of character or not.
The PCC in London is designed to protect individuals from defamation of character and intrusion into their private lives by certain sections of the press.
Roy Whitney, chief of the Tsuu T'ina reserve near Calgary, is suing band member Bruce Starlight for defamation of character after obtaining a copy of a confidential letter Starlight wrote to Jane Stewart, minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.
Perry reads from the 1929 New York Post review which praises him as the "best actor that the talking movies have produced," and he is righteously indignant when he recounts the story of his lawsuit against CBS television for defamation of character back in the '60s:
On the one hand, early modern historians have noted many cases in which persons accused of witchcraft sued their accusers for defamation of character.
Reisman's suit--for defamation of character and slander--filed against his predecessor, June Reinisch, the institute, and the university in 1990.