Definite number

DEFINITE NUMBER. An ascertained number; the term is usually applied in opposition to an indefinite number.
     2. When there is a definite number of corporators, in order to do a lawful act, a majority of the whole must be present; but it is not necessary they should, be unanimous; a majority of those present can, in general, perform the act. But when the corporators consist of an indefinite number, any number, consisting of a majority of those present, may do the act. 7 Cowen, R. 402 9 B. & Cr. 648, 851; 7 S. & 11. 517; Ang. & Am. on Corp. 281.

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He would have invited the Scotch stockbroker too, but he had only three chairs, and thus could entertain only a definite number of guests.
We have seen that Anglo-Saxon verse depended on regular stress of a definite number of quantitatively long syllables in each line and on alliteration; that it allowed much variation in the number of unstressed syllables; and that it was without rime.
As of this posting, Inquirer could not get a definite number of Filipinos living in North Korea although, the Stock Estimate of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas said there were around seven Filipinos in the country in 2013.
But the government is now hoping to get a definite number in time for a United Nations meeting in August.
He added that given the overlapping nature of the head injuries and surgery, he couldn't give a definite number of blows inflicted, but estimated it was more than 20.
She denied the agreement aims to "attract a definite number of Iranian tourists in 2016".
The Ministry of Interior's media office said they do not have a definite number of the people arrested.
But the council has not confirmed a definite number of how many jobs are at risk, only encouraging staff to step forward if they were interested in voluntary redundancy or voluntary early retirement packages.
We don't have a definite number of academies we plan to set up as for now.
We are not yet in a position to con-firm a definite number, as this is obviously dependent on the decisions made by councillors around the budget.
No definite number of the casualties was reported, and no other details were given.
When asked the number of the people that would benefit from the CHP's draft bill, Hamzacebi stated that they don't have a definite number yet.