Definite number

DEFINITE NUMBER. An ascertained number; the term is usually applied in opposition to an indefinite number.
     2. When there is a definite number of corporators, in order to do a lawful act, a majority of the whole must be present; but it is not necessary they should, be unanimous; a majority of those present can, in general, perform the act. But when the corporators consist of an indefinite number, any number, consisting of a majority of those present, may do the act. 7 Cowen, R. 402 9 B. & Cr. 648, 851; 7 S. & 11. 517; Ang. & Am. on Corp. 281.

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He would have invited the Scotch stockbroker too, but he had only three chairs, and thus could entertain only a definite number of guests.
We still ignore the definite number of these people," an official source said, adding that so far only eight families have informed the authorities of the absence of their sons.
28 )Please note that WLCHCP cannot commit to any definite number of hours.
We don't have a definite number of academies we plan to set up as for now.
We are not yet in a position to con-firm a definite number, as this is obviously dependent on the decisions made by councillors around the budget.
No definite number of the casualties was reported, and no other details were given.
When asked the number of the people that would benefit from the CHP's draft bill, Hamzacebi stated that they don't have a definite number yet.
His fallback position was that President Anastasiades had merely made a 'political pronouncement' on the issue, and that in any case the definite number of contract teachers out of a job in the education sector would not be known until next month just before the start of the new academic year.
I can't tell definite number but our candidates are contesting from all the four provinces and I hope that we would win quite good numbers of the seats," he said.
At the beginning of December, we are to inform the State Election Commission (DIK) on the definite number of people with biometric documents and submit the analysis on the differences between the voters in the election units.
Another official source said that "some Indian nationals have also died," without giving any definite number of casualties.
One was the jockeys had initially asked for absolute clarity, so they wanted a definite number [of permitted strokes].