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DEFLORATION. The act by which a woman is deprived of her virginity.
     2. When this is done unlawfully, and against her will, it bears the name of rape, (q.v.) when she consents, it is fornication. (q.v.)

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The alleged cohabitation with Angelu's supposed boyfriend that could have caused her defloration is absolutely irrelevant.
In light of this cultural, medical, and linguistic context, I suggest that defloration may be an alternative description of the suicide: Haemon penetrates himself and bleeds in a cave, which is described as a wedding chamber, and during what are referred to as wedding rites (1240-1); the erotic allusiveness of Sophocles' vocabulary further underscores the sexual context and provokes the audience's recognition of the eroticization of Haemon's death.
The woman had a well developed and mature feminine body, the external genitalia were normal and healthy, and the hymen had evidence of defloration.
Public curiosity shows an almost prurient avidity for the details of political defloration, and the memoirs of ex-Communist have an odd resemblance to the confessions of a white slave.
90) The fear of the blood that issues forth from the woman's vagina can be seen in the case of societies described by Jorg Wettlaufer, in which the defloration of the woman was done by another, whether they be low-status slaves who were paid to take the risk or high ranking individuals such as priests who were more likely to withstand the power of the vagina: "Very often this defloration ritual was connected to superstition and fear of hymeneal blood.
women in general, particularly their sex organs, sexual intercourse with them, defloration, menstruation, and pregnancy (pp.
The task of the writers of Women's Liberation was to follow the example of Sylvia Plath, 'brutal probing of the forbidden territory of intimate experiences of the female: defloration, menstruation and childbirth'.
Ironically, the only blood to be seen in the nuptial bed linens originates from his wound and not from her defloration.
rape of a young girl--her defloration and ruin--is impossible.
Bio mass fuel burning and its implications: defloration and greenhouse gases emissions in Pakistan.
Julie Peakman notes of such scenes that "The violent scenes of defloration were to some extent a reaction to this undisciplined female sexuality, in that men were in control of women's initiation to sexual intercourse" (65).
Dans la plupart des dossiers qui m'ont ete soumis, ce sont les familles qui renoncent, de leur propre chef, aux poursuites judiciaires contre l'agresseur, une fois assurees qu'il n'y a pas eu de defloration, de crainte, soi-disant, d'entacher l'honneur de la famille et de detruire l'avenir de l'enfant".