proximity of blood

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com, is described as "an interactive, entertaining and informative online application that enables voters to discover the degree of proximity of their political positions with the positions of the presidential candidates".
The end result is a ranking of candidates based on the degree of proximity between them and the users.
The resulting structures are plotted in 2D layout and sorted based on an innovating ranking algorithm that maps the degree of proximity of theoretical lipids with experimental data.
The House of Lords concluded in Hill that two elements or "ingredients" were necessary to create the degree of proximity that would give rise to a private duty of care beyond the generally-owed public duty: (1) the defendant's duty to control the perpetrator; and (2) the plaintiff's membership in a special class of foreseeable victims.
there existed a very close degree of proximity amounting to a special relationship.
The patented technology allows for the creation of virtual private networks wherein two remote machines communicate securely, regardless of the degree of proximity or separation, in the same manner as though the machines were on the same local area network.