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The utility's responsibility for intrabuilding cable now terminates at the minimum point of entry or local loop demarcation point.
By putting one of these devices at each POP (Point of Presence / tower) and the demarcation point, the Administrator can use netstix as tools for testing and diagnosing the network right at these points "
In this multi-vendor interoperability demonstration, MRV is showcasing a full range of MEF services, sub-50 ms protection, hierarchical-QoS, MPLS extension to the demarcation point and a wide spectrum of end-to-end service operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) tools to monitor SLAs.
Additionally, the OS900 allows for the future extension of an MPLS domain to the demarcation point via the tunneling of layer 2 pseudo-wire VPNs or hierarchical virtual private LAN services ("H-VPLS") for MTUs.
Remote monitoring and troubleshooting - The EdgeMarc VoIP VPN acts as a demarcation point for troubleshooting and provides VoIP audio call quality statistics including average mean opinion score (MOS), below threshold MOS alerts, jitter, packet loss, average packet loss burst length and much more.
developers of the EtherNID(TM) Ethernet Services Demarcation Point, announced today that it has received US$4 million in Series A financing from Skypoint Capital Corporation and Solidarity Fund QFL ("The Fund").
Managed demarcation point for out-of-franchise applications
23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The new COYOTE DEN Demarcation Enclosure from Preformed Line Products (PLP) consolidates and protects electronic equipment against physical damage and temperature extremes at the residential network demarcation point.
Owned by service providers and located at the customer premise, the A-1180 provides a clear demarcation point between the customer and the service provider network.
Featuring Etherjack technology, the CC-5xx and CC-8xx families provide an Ethernet demarcation point between provider and customer networks.
Covaro's Etherjack technology also provides a demarcation point and features a service user network interface (UNI) that is based on Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) guidelines.
MRV's Fiber Driver Metro Ethernet services demarcation devices and its OptiSwitch carrier aggregation systems both feature full OAM capabilities and, thus, establish link continuity from central office to demarcation point.