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Consumption: Book sales volume; ebook sales volume; Dematerialisation rate of the market in sales volume; Number of subscriptions to online services.
This dematerialisation is carried out by means of S<CUBE terminals developed by AriadNEXT, which are deployed in each Espace SFR store.
Undertaking a Bulk Dematerialisation will require the passing of appropriate resolutions by the Sasol shareholders.
Lot 1 Acquisition and implementation and maintenance services for financial management solution full dematerialisation,
Retail lots in the downloadable consultation file on the dematerialisation platform www.
This contract is for the dematerialisation of heritage documents belonging to the Inter Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, the administration of which is attached to the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3.
Contract award: tender no 217 - acal-reit / au - 11/14, with a view to centralized acquisition system scanning and printing within the dematerialisation of the university of aveiro.
The Acquisition of certificates and electronic signatures in the command group of the dematerialisation of procedures and remote transmission of acts.
The provision of a network of affiliated merchants and restaurateurs,Orders will be monthly and will cover about 2,500 titles a monthCTS reserves the right to implement in the market dematerialisation of paper securities.
Contract notice: Group orders for a walk dematerialisation of student social dossier (dse) for crous aix-marseille, montpellier, nice, bordeaux, toulouse, grenoble, clermont ferrand, lyon and limoges
com on dematerialisation platform at the following address https//www.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This study focuses on all market segments of the video game industry impacted by the dematerialisation of distribution, specifically: home and handheld consoles, PCs (including laptops), mobile devices (smartphones, phablets & tablets) and TV sets.