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DEMIES. In some universities and colleges this term is synonymous with scholars. Boyle on Charities, 129.

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One insider said: "I saw Demi at a party and she was so drunk she was having problems standing up and kept slurring her words.
One friend described Demi as "the nicest person in the world" who is now "the brightest star in the star".
After meeting Sarah Wisely of Pennsylvania who lives with an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder (EGID), Demi and Ned Specktor became very interested in educating themselves about the disease and spreading awareness to help other children and adults who suffer with its symptoms.
Show judge Claire Sweeney said, ``I think what was so lovely about Demi was that she was so natural and so uncoached.
Meanwhile, ex-flamenco dancer and Demi lookalike Maria Bravo, is living just six miles away from Demi's home in Hailey, Idaho.
The Silent Chef Ready to Use Demi Glace can be found in the frozen section at Restaurant Depot.
This infuriated Demi and she posted a series of angry Tweets on her Twitter page, blasting the cyberbullies.
Later on, yummy mummy Demi had a playful bite of the chap's ear while sitting in his lap.
Jack can struggle with change and Demi has always helped him through that and been a consistent.
Police urged anyone who had seen Demi Hansen to get in touch.
EX: Ash with Mila last week Demi and Martin, thought to have moved in together, had lunch at a deli in New Preston and bought provisions.
TROUBLED Demi Moore insisted on seeing Ashton Kutcher one last time before checking into rehab, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.