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Warplanes and unmanned aircraft are also to stay away from the demilitarised zone, which would be monitored by the OSCE, Kuchma said.
South Sudan has agreed to an AU map of the demilitarised zone but Khartoum has not.
Above left: to the south of the demilitarised zone, US forces conduct exercises in an attempt to maintain a continuous state of alert, ready to repel an attack from the North Korean Army at any moment; Above center: a monument at Camp Red Cloud, the headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division at Uijeongbu near the capital, Seoul, depicting the division's insignia alongside the South Korean national flag.
The party said in a statement, 'CND Cymru has also called for the setting up of an all Wales demilitarised zone and Wales Green Party aim to work together with CND towards achieving this ambitious goal.
By virtue of that agreement, Syria withdrew its forces from most of the territories it controlled west of the international border, which became demilitarised zones.
there was an urgent need for the presence of all armed forces to be temporary excluded from a provisional demilitarised zone around the area of the temple," the judge said.
If the Cypriot state is demilitarised then it is the British bases as well as Turkey that will fully and exclusively enjoy the geopolitical benefits offered by the geostrategic location of Cyprus.
5 mile wide Demilitarised Zone, a buffer separating the two Koreas, he added.
Convoys of UN workers arrived in Kuwait City yesterday after they were told to flee the demilitarised zone at the border with Iraq.
Heydar Aliyev says the Caspian should be demilitarised while discussions are conducted on the sea's status.
Philip flew by helicopter to the demilitarised border zone with communist North Korea.
April 23, 2013 (JUBA) -- South Sudan president, Salva Kiir has urged international forces tasked with patrolling its demilitarised border zone with Sudan to be transparent when reporting whatever occurs in the area.