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Let freedom ring: Half a million demonstrators choked the streets of Hong Kong during a July 1st protest (left) against the anti-treason law proposed by the Beijing puppet government of Hong Kong.
The cafeteria had been a refuge for those demonstrators who hadn't been caught up in the dragnet of the previous day.
Hicks said that while LAPD officers may have appeared more menacing in their dark blue or black riot gear than did Philadelphia officers, who wore shorts and kibitzed with demonstrators, he was more concerned with their behavior.
Virtual Demonstrators recreate any piece of equipment, like a lithography system or microscope, in a 3D space similar to a virtual experimentation room.
But what actually happened was that thousands of demonstrators were teargassed, pepper-sprayed, and/or beaten with police batons.
WASHINGTON -- The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which is Counsel of Record in one of the pro-life cases decided today by the Supreme Court, said the high court's unanimous decision in favor of pro-life demonstrators is a welcomed victory that once and for all puts an end to marathon litigation by ruling unanimously that a federal statute designed to go after drug dealers and organized crime cannot be used against pro-life demonstrators.
Karbala / Nina / The demonstrators stormed the outer gate of the building of the Governorate of Karbala in the center of the city.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Mutahidoun Bloc MP Selman al-Jumaili warned the Iraqi government of attacking Ramadi demonstrators and stressed his bloc's support to demonstrators all over Iraq.
55: Some demonstrators got into heavy duty truck to go to Kirgsholk.
According to eyewitnesses, police exchanged fire with demonstrators who carried banners with anti-government slogans.
The growing mobilization of "peace" demonstrators and the steady radicalization of the movement is a dark portent of coming ill.
Police estimated 3,000 demonstrators participated in the Hollywood protest, while march organizers put the number at 15,000 to 20,000.