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Similarly, Dieleman concludes that Demotic magical spells were used not only to convey information but to restrict understanding of its contents to a smaller readership.
Unfortunately, much of the spontaneity achieved by the use of Egyptian demotic speech is lost in the English translation.
They are generally small works of sculpture, often with writing on the side or back, in hieratic, demotic, hieroglyphic or, rarely, Greek.
Menassa have meanwhile completed du Bourguet's work on the hieroglyphic and demotic inscriptions.
Given that the publishers appear to want to promote the author as a new type of academic writer which appeals to our more demotic age, they should take more care with their editing.
TC: Both his knowingly naive lettering style and the way he treats the normal English cursive hand seem intention ally demotic.
On the second floor overlooking the dramatic sweep of the river from St Paul's Cathedral to Charing Cross Station, is a cheerfully demotic cafe designed by Apicella Associates.
By employing Egyptian demotic speech, he manages to achieve a realistic representation of the thoughts and words of his characters.
This volume is the first result of these efforts, reporting on the Falcon Complex and Catacomb, which has been given priority partly because of the recently commissioned scientific examination of the bird mummies and other faunal remains from the Falcon Catacomb allowed for further examination of the site and partly because of the imminent publication of the Demotic, Hieroglyphic, and Greek inscriptions from the Baboon and Falcon Catacombs.
Ninety-five percent of the ostraca are written in Greek with Latin a distant second; there are two in Nabataean and a few in Demotic.
This kind of work is now associated with the category of process art, although the rudimentary procedures (which include chance) and the raw, often leftover materials add up to a genus that might more accurately be referred to as demotic materialism.
Apart from its demotic register, its constant use of guttersnipe vocabulary, the cozy narratorial sympathy with the protagonist, and the total lack of distance and irony on the part of the author all help to form a phallocentric view of the world which makes readers squirm.