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Demotic Media is a full-fledged media and creative agency based in Pune, Maharashtra, India that specializes in creating unique automotive content.
Speaking to seminar Pakistan People's Party MPA Kalsoom Chnadio said that it was prime responsibility demotic woman and mother of her children when their children were going to school, Holy place, Tuition center or relative marriage eve.
In brief, metaphoric language is mythic and poetic; metonymic is allegorical and analogical; demotic is descriptive and scientific (5); we will examine these terms in more detail below, and then apply them to Tolkien's legendarium.
Two visions of Europe -- the diplomatic and the demotic -- are now facing off against each other.
The demotic Europe, exemplified by the UK Independence Party, which helped spearhead Brexit, is like Monnet in reverse, taking diplomatic compromises like the TTIP or the association agreement with Ukraine, and intentionally politicising them.
The remaining Canadian pieces are fairly inoffensive, inhabiting that space that's just about art song, with strong hints of something more demotic, and not out of character with the romantic French songs.
Their texts are written in different languages and scripts, including Hieroglyphs, Hieratic, Demotic,Aramaic, Greek, Coptic and Arabic.
Sri Lankan Tamils are also aware of the irrelevance of demotic investigations even if they trust the new president of Sri Lanka, Sirisena.
He said that new airport has capacity to provide all facilities to the passengers of two international and two demotic flights simultaneously.
Recognizing the potential of the stone's trilingual inscriptions in Greek, Egyptian Demotic (cursive), and hieroglyphic, European scholars like the French baron Silvestre de Sacy [17581838]--a mentor and sometime nemesis of his pupil, Champollion--and the British scientist and all-around polymath Thomas Young [1773-1829] began to search for equivalents of the names of the Macedonian rulers of Egypt in the hieroglyphic section.
Here, she is presented as an artist who exists within the two realms, (a) the poetic, demotic and auditory and (b) the plastic, visual and tangible, a self-professed anti-intellectual, an accomplished performance artist who brings poetry and storytelling to different communities, from early reviews in working men's clubs to theatre for children and young people, an adaptor and a visual artist.
In the drama the educated characters use the Sanskrit while the women [not being literate] use a demotic version called Prakrit.