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This process began with a sensitivity test conducted to ensure that the participant could detect the taste of a Bitrex solution (chemical name: denatonium benzoate, sodium chloride, and water) at low levels.
In particular, products that contain denatonium derivatives (compounds very bitter to humans) are ineffective repellents, almost regardless of species (although bears, Ursus horribilis and Ursus americanus, may avoid denatonium in foods; G.
announced that they have developed a way to make large quantities of denatonium capsaicinate.
saccharide solution, and 16 control rats had the denatonium solution paired with isotonic saline.
VIN News Service reported that it costs about 3 cents per gallon for manufacturers to add bad tasting denatonium benzoate to their products but most only do so for antifreeze being shipped into states requiring it.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the active repelling ingredient, denatonium benzoate, used in its GOLD'n GRO Guardian deer repellent fertilizer.