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in other situations, the hyperonym is recorded, but the cosmetic term/phrase fails to appear in the lexicographical definitions, though it is frequent in texts, with the specialized cosmetic denotative meaning, and/or with figurative meanings developped started from the former.
We have also identified some regularities in the renderings of compounds that express denotative meanings.
It involves semantic change in which the denotative meaning of a word becomes narrowed, less general or less inclusive over time.
Thinking of it as an opportunity to defend what you have done, written, found, and what your conclusions signify is exactly the denotative meaning of the term.
In oil paintings, colors and tone can be used to evoke symbolic as well as denotative meaning.
Denotative meaning refers to the referential, objective, and cognitive meaning.
The first use is similar to "I understand," while the second use is the denotative meaning of "see.
Gillock skillfully articulates the feelings expressed in Messiaen's music and charts ways for performers to evoke them--but he does not normally address the music's denotative meaning.
H]uman beings hear the voice first, and then, instantly, measure the sound of the voice against the denotative meaning of the words, altering the final meaning.
The denotative meaning of the Monemvasia house, in front of which I stand, crashes against the object itself .
A denotative meaning of the term "Sinophone," as used by Sau-ling Wong in her work on Sinophone Chinese American literature to designate Chinese American literature written in Sinitic languages, is a productive way to start the investigation of the notion in terms of its connotative meanings.