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Wild horses would not drag the denoument from me, but find out for yourselves.
That was never more evident than when England arrived in Cardiff for the tournament denoument, chasing the Grand Slam with their second row pair of Joe Launchbury and Geoff Parling being held up by some as favourites for Lions duty.
220) Et vous m'interrompez, Veronique, au moment Oo je mettais la main sur un bon denoument.
In a sense, modernity may be defined as the denoument of this Hegelian narrative of rational development.
One telling example of the reader's complicity in Jack Burden's story occurs in the novel's denoument when Jack describes the sobering revelation that he has no basis to claim any moral superiority over Tiny Duffy, since both were agents in Governor Stark's demise:
I have no intention of giving away the denoument, but when you realise that we are all in the middle of a fantasy, the horror of this ripping, tearing relationship opens up.
To complement the denoument, the BBC used footage of Marco Tardelli's goal celebration from the 1982 World Cup final.