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Department stores had been doing well in terms of profitability before 1997.
The department stores being considered for closure by the holding company include those in the city of Kagoshima, Natori in Miyagi Prefecture and Musashimurayama in Tokyo, the sources said.
3% answered that they go to a department store two or three times per month.
has arranged a 26,000 s/f sublease for Pay/Half Department Store at the Atlantic Center Mall, Brooklyn.
The Westfield Group likely wants to build on its base of upscale department stores, Kyser said.
The Japanese answer to the invasion of the foreign premium brands has been to create new marques with certain characteristics to match those of the best foreign brands--then to push the products out not just through the nation's 300 department stores, but also through the 30,000-plus cosmetics, drugstores and general merchandising stores (GMS) around the country.
QA Sometime last summer, I went to a major department store to purchase a little more than $100 worth of items, and the cashier [copied] the department store credit card number I was using, Close to $600 worth of merchandise [was later charged] on my account.
Yet this was a threat that after an initial battle for survival the department stores readily surmounted, so that by the end of the thirties aggressive marketing, new electrical products, a plethora of new services (including free wart removal), but most of all "finely tuned antennae to shifts in living standards and consumer taste" (p.
The greatest threat to department stores has been from the specialist and niche retailers.
In the 1960s and 1970s, mail order in many European countries acquired a rather down-market image but, with the advent of credit card sales, it is again becoming a strong and attractive market for department stores.
Department stores and qualified specialty stores remain eligible to adopt or change to the use of the BLS Department Store Index, which offers benefits similar to those previously described.
The department stores format has traditionally been dependent on urban environments.

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