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DOT. This French word is adopted in Louisiana. It signifies the fortune, portion, or dowry, which a woman brings to her husband by the marriage. 6 N. S. 460. See Dote; Dowry.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has a new shingles recycling specification that was originally released in early 2005.
As a result of their innovative use of technology to change the way construction tasks are performed, the Michigan Department of Transportation, Info Tech Inc.
Apart from imploring the FHWA to enforce existing regulations, the board continues to urge the agency, and the Department of Transportation in general, to come up with better rules: like getting trucking companies to pay employees by the hour, lowering the maximum number of allowable consecutive driving hours, and introducing simple monitoring devices on trucks to ensure that the law is followed.
Department of Transportation, 400 Seventh Street SW, Nassif Building, Room PL-401, Washington, D.
SOURCE: City of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation
In 1987, the Department of Transportation inspector general's office checked the National Driver's Register to find out whether any FAAcertified pilots had forgotten to mention any drunkdriving convictions under "record of traffic convictions.
Maryland Department of Transportation state certificates of participation upgraded to 'AA' from 'AA-';
In an audit of special accounts maintained by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, City Controller Laura Chick said more than $5 million in traffic-mitigation funds and $7.
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has approved the use of RCA in its highways for 10 years, finding engineering, economic and environmental benefits.
He also awarded the city a $200,000 grant from the Department of Transportation for infrastructure improvements, including street repaving, new sidewalks, intersection improvement and new curbing.
In recent letters to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Water and Power, Managing Assistant City Attorney Peter Gutierrez wrote that Las Lomas representatives have charged the city is arbitrarily delaying crucial reports to thwart the project.
Dougherty, has arranged $490 million in financing through a bond issuance for construction of the new Department of Transportation headquarters facility on behalf of The JBG Companies.

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