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DEPOPULATION. In its most proper signification, is the destruction of the people of a country or place. This word is, however, taken rather in a passive than an active one; we say depopulation, to designate a diminution of inhabitants, arising either from violent causes, or the want of multiplication. Vide 12 Co. 30.

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Fears of depopulation were somewhat less acute in the Soviet Union, because its birthrate recovered to near pre-war levels by the mid-1920s.
It has also highlighted the importance of other works developed by the Ministry in line with the challenge of depopulation in rural areas, such as the Strategy for Modernization and Rural Diversification, whose measures are already underway, and which pivots on two axes principal, young people and rural women.
This newest round of take-outs approved by the state Office of Insurance Regulation is in addition to 310,000 policies the office has approved for depopulation in November and December.
This timely report by Justin Hollander, a researcher and professor of urban and environmental policy at Tufts University, examines the recession driven depopulation of regions previously thought to be less prone to this phenomenon.
Tears of Silence: Tibetan Women and Population Control, a 1994 report by the Tibetan Women's Association in Dharamsala, India, details the oppressive depopulation campaign being waged against the Tibetan people -- a campaign receiving assistance from UNICEF and the United Nations Family Planning Agency.
By 2021 it foresees a total turnaround in the fortunes of English cities, with the present trend of urban depopulation replaced by net growth, social disparity reduced, sustainable development, and substantial reductions in take-up of countryside for development.
Coffin shows how sweated labor became the nexus of concerns about French competitiveness in an international market, large-scale commerce, consumer culture, fears of depopulation, women's roles, the decline in craft skills, and public health - making the "hell of homework" as one novelist described it (p.
Depopulation May Pressure Ratings on European Sub-Sovereign
The first round of take-outs under the depopulation program was in June 2008.
Bulgaria is among the EU countries with largest depopulation of rural areas (-13.
This social and economic history of Japan prior to 1600 provides students and scholars with a detailed account of earliest settlements, varying eras of population and depopulation and the development of advanced commercial economies.
Compare this to a decade ago and mass unemployment and depopulation under the Tories.