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Fidei Depositum, cuando san Juan Pablo II dedica uno de los cinco parrafos que la componen precisamente a glosar la <<distribucion de la materia>> del Catecismo (n.
La Revision de vida requiere un uso directo cada vez mayor de la Biblia, lo que concuerda con la consideracion mas abierta y comunitaria del acceso al depositum fidei, de la Iglesia y la vida cristiana del Vaticano II (Dei Verbum no.
What Christoph Theobald indicates as the reform achieved by Vatican II that affects the very idea of revelation, (60) or what Ruggieri indicates as the peculiarity of the fundamental theology of John XXIII, in his identification of the depositum fidei with the book and the chalice, (61) is in some sense a reflection on poverty that the council opened up, and in which Dossetti sowed insights.
It concludes with a coda found carved on that well, a kind of open-ended epimythium with implications both for Somerton's lack of academic discipline and for the committed male friendship that saves him: Depositum custodi [Keep that which is committed to thee].
E dunque un elemento immanente nelle istituzioni romane che viene posto in luce particolare per taluni rapporti in cui ora i Romani sono soggetti: tali l'emptio-venditio, la locatio-conductio, la negotiorum gestio, il mandatum, il depositum, la fiducia che gia forse alla bona fides si appoggiava nelle legis actiones, la tutela, la societas": C.
Out of this follows a dynamic understanding of the apostohcity of the Church: Apostolicity is not only safeguarding the depositum tidal (the faith of the Church through the ages) but also a participation in the apostolate and mission of the Apostles.
Daher erschliesst die SBB ebenfalls Musikhandschriften mit eigenen wissenschaftlichen Kraften und sie wirbt Drittmittel-Projekte ein: im Januar 2011 wurde die Erschliessung des Musikarchivs der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin beendet, eines Bestands den die SBB als Depositum verwahrt und dessen wissenschaftliche Katalogisierung uber knapp sechs Jahre mit Mitteln der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft gefordert worden ist.
Es wird ein Depositum bei mir gemacht, es ist das Eigentum eines Andern, und ich anerkenne es, weil es so ist, und erhalte mich unwankende in diesem Verhaltnisse.
In this case they [the money changers] acquired no Property in the Money: but they held it subject to the directions of the depositor--the Money itself was termed a Depositum.
Two subsequent chapters (3 and 4) deal respectively and extensively with "men of feeling" and "women in love," teasing out the gendered differences in the early Methodist experience of life and piety--involving at one level the way men and women related differently to Methodism's "grand depositum," Christian perfection.
29) As we have seen, the texts of Vatican II fully endorse this view, which belongs to the uncontested depositum of current Catholic teaching.