Deputy district attorneys

DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEYS. The Act of Congress of March 3, 1815, 2 Story L. U. S. 1530, authorizes and directs the district attorneys of the United States to appoint by warrant, an attorney as their substitute or deputy in all cases when necessary to sue or prosecute for the United States, in any of the state or county courts, by that act invested with certain jurisdiction, within the sphere of whose jurisdiction the said district attorneys do not themselves reside or practice; and the said substitute or deputy shall be sworn or affirmed to the faithful execution of his duty.

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Attorneys/ Deputy District Attorneys from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan participated in the course.
Highlighting the reason why decisions in the civil cases more often come against the government including the public sector organizations such as corporations, he said it is noticed that the law officers including the district attorneys/ deputy district attorneys are given proper instructions in the case in question but they are not provided with "the facts" about the case
Benny Osorio prevailed in the trials while facing a relentless stream of difficulties, including witness problems and complex legal issues, said the Association of Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles County.
The District Attorney's Office has offered the assistance of two deputy district attorneys in Berger's place, but they will be available only to prosecute cases the apartment patrol develops and to lead some training classes.
SANTA CLARITA - Local deputy district attorneys filed about 40 percent more felony cases in January through June than in the first half of 2002, possibly the result of changes in the Newhall prosecutors' office.
The Association of Deputy District Attorneys subsequently filed a complaint with the state Commission on Judicial Performance against the three elected judges: Dan T.
Ipsen, president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, said the public ``must never again be used as a pawn in the name of efficient work flow.
The episode occurred on one of the court's busiest days after the Memorial Day weekend, but did not surface until the Association of Deputy District Attorneys voted Tuesday night to lodge a formal complaint against the three Superior Court judges for unprofessional conduct.
But Deputy District Attorneys Diana Callaghan and Richard Sullivan questioned their superiors' motives when they refused to sign search warrants for the developer's offices as part of a larger criminal investigation, an official in the District Attorney's Office said.
MacKenzie, former president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys.
And Deputy District Attorney Patricia Doyle, who heads the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, said the group has not taken a formal position on the runoff between Cooley and Garcetti.

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