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Academics used descriptive research as well but also conducted exploratory and evaluative studies.
Regarding the chapters devoted to descriptive research on linguistic changes (7-15), it is possible to observe that the results are described both qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to achieve substantial accuracy in language change description and also to empower researchers to create new hypotheses about language change.
Afrocentric descriptive research provides a more precise understanding of Africana social phenomena.
The project evolved from descriptive research to a proposed intervention that would be interactive and targeted to a specific population.
The research made to accomplish the objectives was mainly a descriptive research (Bacali, 2002), transversal research, the information gathered being quantitative.
However, in the paradigm we advocate, interdependency is established among all three branches of TS because bidirectionality applies not only to the relationship between theory and "pure" descriptive research but also to the relationship between Theory and Application (Figure 2).
The descriptive research focuses on Six parameters for entrepreneurs and ten parameters of employees to measure the opinion of both the stakeholders on organisations climate.
The majority of Journal publications (61%) are best described as descriptive research or research reviews.
SUMMARY: This article presents the results of a descriptive research study carried out on a sample of both beginning and experienced teachers who work at private religious schools at the Infants, Primary and Secondary Education levels located in the city of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo, Spain).
She divides her fifth major category, labeled "Research Scholarship," into three types: (a) quantitative investigations, (b) qualitative studies, (c) and descriptive research.
This can be further split into two areas: experimental research and descriptive research (i.
Since such research is very complex, difficult to carry out, and expensive, for now this result of descriptive research will hopefully be of use.

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