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Afrocentric descriptive research provides a more precise understanding of Africana social phenomena.
However, in the paradigm we advocate, interdependency is established among all three branches of TS because bidirectionality applies not only to the relationship between theory and "pure" descriptive research but also to the relationship between Theory and Application (Figure 2).
The descriptive research focuses on Six parameters for entrepreneurs and ten parameters of employees to measure the opinion of both the stakeholders on organisations climate.
The majority of Journal publications (61%) are best described as descriptive research or research reviews.
This can be further split into two areas: experimental research and descriptive research (i.
Since such research is very complex, difficult to carry out, and expensive, for now this result of descriptive research will hopefully be of use.
Prospective descriptive research is needed to identify salient cognitive, affective, and contextual processes as mediating variables in the adjustment process and outcome specific to this population.
Some descriptive research would be useful in identifying subcultures in the school building, then exploring key dimensions of spiritual wellness within each subculture.
The current analysis reveals considerable progress has been made in descriptive research on living with chronic neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and epilepsy.

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