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While car designers tend to get the rock star treatment at events like last week's L.
Couture shoe designer Roger Vivier, who invented the stiletto heel in 1954, will bring his flagship store to 750 Madison Avenue in the fall.
Designer is available for use with Verilog simulators from Cadence, Fintronics, Mentor and Synopsys, running Solaris and Linux operating systems.
In a business where it can cost billions of dollars to transform a car from an artistic concept into a product ready for the marketplace, innovative designers are an automaker's ace in the hole.
Professional obstacles--including a lack of visibility, job bias, fewer graduates entering design fields and limited career information--continue to hamper both aspiring female designers and seasoned professionals.
FASHION DESIGNERS ARE fashionably out, unafraid of declaring themselves gay.
If there's a single thing former Gold Quill winners agreed on when it comes to design and the printed piece, it's this -- involve the designers in the early stages of the project.
Continued Kroll, "CoWare Processor Designer is unique because it can generate, from one specification, all the software development tools and the RTL for processor architects, software developers and hardware designers.
In the first two shows, three professional designers prepare detailed plans and the homeowner selects the one they like best.
Three years ago, Hill-Campbell's 15-year career as a textile designer/computer aided design artist (CAD) moved fast-forward when she and a small team of independent designers produced the striking costume fabric patterns used in the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of The Lion King.
Needy Pets at the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA Are Now Living in Style Thanks to the Help of over 40 Designers from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), San Diego
WALK DOWN ANY STREET IN URBAN AMERICA--OR SUBURBIA, FOR THAT MATTER--AND YOU'RE bound to see toddlers, teens, seniors and those in between sporting logos of the hottest urban fashion designers today.