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com (Sofia News Agency) that the missing detonators in question stolen on Romanian territory were a MRV model for 122 mm M-21 OF artillery rockets.
He called back the search team, who uncovered three pressure plates, detonation cord, four commercial detonators and four homemade detonators - the first of their kind to be found in Afghanistan.
A vehicle (KIA Type) was also discovered in Sumer district, carrying detonators and explosives, he added, noting that "Nobody was arrested during both activities.
A blue laptop-sized shoulder bag containing a packet of 10 detonators was stolen.
BEIRUT: An Internal Security Forces patrol in Jounieh arrested three young Lebanese men, aged respectively 22, 23 and 26 on Monday because they were in possession of individual military arms and detonators, a security report said.
The detonators, which are half-inch yellow discs with lead straps attached to each side, were stolen from a garage in Blaenclydach on Friday night.
But they are warning people that if they come across any of the the detonators, they should avoid touching them.
March 13, 2004: Police make their first arrests, including a Moroccan-born man who sold the pre-paid cards used in the phone detonators.
The detonators are used by railway workers as a signalling alert for drivers.
It was made from a mixture of diesel fuel and nitrates and had a sophisticated detonator.
The Detonators - a hard-core punk band that formed in Los Angeles, relocated to Eugene and dissolved in the late 1990s - is back for at least one more gig.
The Frenchman of Algerian origin was detained on 28 December 2002 after guns, explosives and detonators were discovered in his car.