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In September, the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio, became the focus of both local and national news outlets, as gay and lesbian alumni raised issue with a course description that listed homosexuality among deviant behaviors such as rape, murder and drug use.
Thus, while some covariates are highly correlated with all contexts of victimization (family relationships), others are correlated only with some contexts of victimization (gender, age, deviant behavior, and type of school).
For example, this perspective suggests an alternative to the view that heavy episodic drinking leads to negative consequences such as poor academic performance, problems with interpersonal relationships, or other forms of deviant behavior (D'Amico, McCarthy, Applebaum, Metrik, Frissell, & Brown, 2001; Jones, Oeltmann, Wilson, Brener, & Hill, 2001).
The model offers a set of testable hypotheses about the inter-related social, verbal, behavioral and environmental processes by which rule governance and word-behavior correspondence is established, either to support successful, normative socialization or to support deviant behavior and covert conduct problems.
In Dysfunctional Behavior in Organizations: Violent and Deviant Behavior.
rules: do this and that will happen), it may decrease the sensitivity of deviant behavior to experienced contingencies in the natural environment (Hayes & Wu, 1998).
The primary lesson of the Catholic Church scandal illustrates a much larger social problem: Whenever a sexual deviant is anonymously released into the community, the probability that the offender will revert to deviant behavior is virtually guaranteed.
Accumulation of these assets is widely accepted as a means of preventing deviant behavior.
Standards of decency are violated through harassment in its diverse forms and with deviant behavior.
Data reveal that as good deviants we are engaging in the deviant behavior of voting.
The findings supported the conclusions that decision-making in the newsrooms supports the status quo, that the powerless are portrayed according to "culturally frozen norms," or "associated with deviant behavior," and that analysis of minorities' situations are oversimplified (pp.
Previously the idea was widespread that homosexuals voluntarily choose to engage in deviant behavior.