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Blankenship and Whitley (2000) found that college students who engaged in academic dishonesty scored higher on measures of deviant behavior.
In this study, we examined the relationship of customer aggression with constructive and destructive deviant behavior and simultaneously confirmed the moderating effects of psychological ownership on these relationships.
1976), The psychology of the deviant behavior, Bucharest: Scientific and Encyclopedic Publishing House.
2003; Smith and McVie 2003), and a Portuguese self-reported frequency scale measuring adolescents' deviant behavior (see Sanches et al.
In the present study, maximum nurses exhibited the deviant behavior of losing temper at work (56%), minimum respondents discussed confidential information and day dreamed at work (1%).
An interpersonal interactions approach deals with how employees' workplace interactions contribute to deviant behavior.
We suggest that this structure, along with temporal dependencies and patterns of sequentially executed actions, can be exploited to perform deviant behavior detection on traces of agent activities over time.
With the explanation of this term in an intellectually technical manner by Sutherland (1949), White-Collar crime was proposed as a new kind of deviant behavior in modern criminology as compared to street crimes and juvenile delinquency.
Deviant behavior includes eccentric, abnormal, criminal, maladaptive, and anti-social behaviors.
In response, the conservative school defended the description, saying it represented no more than the chapter headings of the course's primary textbook, Sociology of Deviant Behavior by Marshall B.
Many schools are mandating antibullying programs and policies, and we think they need to take this opportunity to address other forms of deviant behavior, such as substance use," posits Radliff.
Our article breaks new ground by explaining how parent-child relationships and LMX can result in deviant behavior in family firms, how parental altruism can create vicious and virtuous circles of behavior and how stewardship and opportunism can occur within the same family firm.