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The Deviants provided an outlet for Farren's frustrations, fusing his passion for the American beat writers, Burroughs, Kerouac and Ginsberg, with raw gutsy rock and roll.
Most recently Albert Finney gave us a reprise of the homosexual as a desperately lonely deviant in A Man of No Importance (1994), and he is joined by the killers in Looking for Mr.
The influence of the Hurufi movement on deviant dervishes of all stripes was more far reaching than the brief evocation on p.
This new model viewed America as a "criminogenic" society in which ghettos and slums taught the people who lived there how to become criminal by giving them deviant cultural values.
Of course, little is more deviant than a poor black person in America, and in all the opinion-mongering about the second Rodney King verdict and what's to be done in our inner cities, much of the focus was on the sickness of the black mind.
Currently, organizations have focused their efforts on identifying and reducing destructive deviants -- potentially aggressive and dishonest employees.
This new programming -- called Standard Deviants School -- will air programs that focus on subjects ranging from mathematics and English to foreign languages and social studies.
There social deviants gave the drug a clearly deviant identity, and it tended to replace or accompany heroin as an attractive menace.
Deviants have little difficulty with the abortion decision, which is made casually for convenience sake.
Their prestigious library includes the award-winning Standard Deviants programming, which has been highly acclaimed by educators for its core curricular value.
All members of society must report any knowledge of dangerous or suspicious activities or behavior in order to avoid being accomplices of the deviants.
Brown), who lives with his mother and flunked out of flight school, seems to have a special mania for rooting out sexual deviants in the Navy.