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DEACON, Eccl. law. A minister or servant in the church whose office, in some churches, is to assist the priest in divine service, and the distribution of the sacrament.

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Diaconal ministers are called for life to be agents of the church in interpreting and meeting needs, hopes and concerns within the church and society.
Report and Recommendation on Ministry Policies: Proposes a process for changing ELCA policy to allow people in committed same-gender relationships to serve as ELCA clergy, associates in ministry, deaconesses and diaconal ministers
Its mission is to prepare pastors, theological educators, diaconal ministers, lay professionals, and other church leaders, who are centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the global church.
We should have commissioned ruling elders and diaconal ministers to administer the Lord's Supper long ago, and without being there, it is difficult to understand why it took a long debate to distance ourselves from Christian Zionism.
In those roles, I have sought to support and lead pastors, associates in ministry, deaconesses, diaconal ministers, and thosewho are preparing for such callings, as well as those who encourage, challenge, and approve potential servant leaders for the church.
IN THE FINAL STEP required to approve a church law, the assembly voted in favour of a policy that allows presbyteries to commission ruling elders or diaconal ministers to administer the sacrament of communion.
Associates in Ministry, and diaconal ministers who met the general expectations of the body of congregations from which they came.
The titles of these ministries are varied: deacons and deaconesses, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry; some even lack titles or rostered status.