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The case definition for cysticercosis included all hospitalizations with an ICD-9-CM diagnostic code for cysticercosis (123.
Many readers will stop at the abstract and may come away with the singular conclusion that two diagnostic codes should always be required to identify PTSD in VA administrative data, with limited understanding of the generalizability of these findings.
2 per 100,000 US children per year, which were based solely on diagnostic code searches.
There was no association between migraine and a diagnostic code of cerebral venous thrombosis or subarachnoid hemorrhage.
The diagnostic codes we used to communicate with the physicians, nurses, and case managers reflected the passing nature of the families' dilemmas.
Fully-programmable dash allows operator to view operating information, customize machine functions to the application and display diagnostic codes
The researchers identified the women by reviewing medical records and diagnostic codes at two university hospitals in Milwaukee for the seven-year period from January 1994 through February 2001.
The information is presented in a concise form and covers all diagnostic codes in ICD-9-CM and the ICD-10 codes.
In particular, the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III-R contains diagnostic codes for both sadism and masochism.
Transgender identity and expression are the psychiatric classification under the Diagnostic Codes 302.
Another possibility is searching a physician's database for diagnostic codes used for billing purposes and making an underwriting decision based on those codes.
To its left is a multi-function LED that is designed to blink when the tape is being read or written and to blink various diagnostic codes.

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