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The case definition for cysticercosis included all hospitalizations with an ICD-9-CM diagnostic code for cysticercosis (123.
The first element of our proposal is to improve the reporting of the amount and effect of off-label extrapolations through a more comprehensive reporting of off-label use (via the disclosure of diagnostic codes and "detailing" data) in manufacturers' annual reports to the FDA, in the adverse event reports to the FDA, in Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement requests, and, for a subset of FDA-designated drugs, in the prescriptions themselves.
First, the estimated prevalence of visits for keratitis-related diagnostic codes is likely to be an underestimate, because the datasets used in this analysis capture few visits to optometrists.
The database includes information on patient age, sex, diagnostic code, and outcome of the ED visit and the nearly 13 million visits included in the analysis comprising 99% of the ED visits for the period studied.
Second, in terms of the pricing of the individual codes, CMS decided to refer these 101 new molecular diagnostic codes to the Medicare contractors and allow them to "gapfill" the codes.
The American Medical Association (AMA) says federal regulators should give physicians at least 2 extra years to adopt a new diagnostic code system, not just 1 extra year.
For each of the five diagnostic codes, hospitalization rates in diabetic adults were two- to sixfold higher than those in their nondiabetic peers.
shows that going from one to two diagnostic codes excluded 40 percent of the initial sample.
It is organized to follow the sequence of a mental health evaluation and the writing of a report and includes report and treatment planning formats, and all DSM-IV-TR and ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes.
Additional features include high and low temperature history record for monitoring programs and notification of periodic maintenance and diagnostic codes.
It also provides the complete range of expected diagnostic information as well as its own range of diagnostic codes.
Using a combination of diagnostic codes (ICD-9 codes) entered on medical charts and data from X-rays and other tests, they confirmed 205 cases of ischaemic stroke.

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