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The introductory section describes the most common types of specimens-including blood, urine, and stool-in addition to common types of diagnostic procedures, such as nuclear scanning, ultrasound studies, and endoscopy.
If the case went to trial, Miller wrote, the county could have to pay more than $1 million because medical experts would be critical of the failure of medical personnel to order diagnostic procedures that are more definitive, rather than a second bronchoscopy, after receiving inconclusive findings from the pathology report of the biopsy from the first bronchoscopy.
Researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have developed a simple method of temporarily influencing the heart's natural pacemaker activity during diagnostic procedures or brief treatment of abnormal heart rate.
is engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of proprietary disposable medical accessories used in interventional and diagnostic procedures, particularly in cardiology and radiology.
Some are even being blamed, and perhaps correctly so, on legislation in states that prevent HMOs from restricting patients' access to specialists and diagnostic procedures.

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