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In the South Estonian dialect group there are on average slightly more vowels than in the northern central Estonian dialects; the highest percentage is in the Tartu dialect.
If we accept the language of Jin Ping Mei as belonging to the northern Mandarin dialect group - and most scholars do(8) - the relative frequency of the form A, B in the last forty chapters of Honglou meng might indicate that the author of these chapters was more heavily influenced by northern Mandarin than the author of the first eighty.
In view of this, might the dialect groups in NENA continue divisions between unattested earlier dialects?
Viewers from other cultures and dialect groups will also enjoy the content as Hokkien is very much part of Singapore s local culture.
While the traditional dialect classification of Estonian distinguishes between the dialect groups of North and South Estonian and the North-East and Coast dialects as the third group, the large lexical regions could rather be divided into the North, West, and South Estonian groups.
This general feature of the North Estonian dialect group is rare among Insular varieties, appearing only in Eastern Saaremaa and Muhu.
It was first noticed by French travelers and missionaries in the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries, and early opinion placed it erroneously in the Mon-Khmer family, although the French comparativist Andre-Georges Haudricourt, in a series of articles beginning in 1958, soon demonstrated that Saek is a Tai dialect--more specifically, and surprisingly given its geographic location, that it is a member of the Northern Tai dialect group.
Entertainment will be provided by the dialect group of the Dewsbury branch of the University of the Third Age.
By investigating the genome-wide DNA variation, we can determine whether an anonymous person is a Chinese, what the ancestral origin of this person in China may be, and sometimes which dialect group of the Han Chinese this person may belong to," Dr.
The book includes b&w photos, and a list of top officers of the SCCCI, with their dialect group, since 1906.
Only part of the Land Dayak languages represent this suffix, and where they do, they do not always do so to the same extent: for instance, Bidayuh varieties have the suffix more often than Bakati' ones, and within the Bidayuh dialect group, some varieties exhibit it more systematically than others.
The results were adjusted for potential confounders, including age at enrollment, year of enrollment, sex, dialect group, level of education, number of cigarettes smoked per day, number of years smoking, number of years since quitting smoking (for former smokers), and dietary intake of beta-cryptoxanthin and isothiocyanates.