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cellulose fibres which, using high-pressure water, are broken down into fibres as thin as 20 nm in diametre.
Les melanomes superficiels extensifs ont generalement un diametre plus grand que celui de la plupart des grains de beaute (superieur a 5 mm), ils presentent des contours irreguliers et sont de couleur variable.
The reinforced steel used is deformed bars Grade 60 and up to 40mm in diametre and with yield strength of 520 MPa.
Aqua Services upgraded two of the three existing biofilters by packing the larger 45-metre diametre filter to heights of 3, 6-metres with new polypropylene media that is designed specifically for stage one processing.
The prime minister told Arab delegations that Aqaba's strategic location as a city overlooking four countries with an area not exceeding 10 kilometres in diametre, qualifies it as a commercial hub no less than Singapore or Hong Kong.
When the yard closed in 1988 Fred moved to Barrow-in-Furness and spent two years working on a giant Perspex model of a Trident nuclear sub, 10ft in diametre and 300ft long.
Les particules PM 2,5, d'un diametre inferieur ou egal a 2,5 microns, penetrent plus profondement dans les poumons et sont les plus dangereuses pour la sante.
En 2011, lors du suivi de la patiente, on a observe dans les images de tomodensitometrie une lesion de 2 cm de diametre de caractere hypervasculaire.
While the grill needs to be hightemperature resistant silicon, the por should be low, black in colour and approximately 20cm in diametre.
Paje nevertheless said that as of the third quarter of this year, the amount of total suspended particulates (TSP) and the level of particulate matter 10 microns in diametre or smaller (PM10) in Metro Manila had decreased.
50m in diametre both above and below the water level to allow divers 'to enter easily for the search'.
28 metres in diametre and 4 metres high, meant traffic in both directions was stopped as the convoy passed.