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When Dian, who never married following a failed romance, began studying gorillas they were seen as monsters, but her work revealed a softer side to these gentle giants.
Locals in the Rwandan part of the Virunga Mountains called Dian Fossey "Nyiramacibili" -- woman who lives alone in the forest.
The Gao Bei Dian recycling plant treats wastewater from municipal drainage and uses the recycled product as cooling water for local power plants as well as for landscaping needs throughout the city.
Readers will empathize with Dian as she struggles to find her own voice and her own path towards social justice.
Readers will be challenged to look beyond truths born of cultural conditioning, as both Dian and Aracely struggle to understand one another.
The US meddling does not solve territorial disputes in this region; to the opposite, the presence of a foreign power intensifies the tensions," Dian said.
DIAN is an international network of 11 leading research centers established in 2008 with funding from the National Institute on Aging.
DIAN Ward's most prized possession is a little box to remember her baby son Thomas, who died before he was born.
Specifically, the findings from the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN) suggest that measurable changes in brain chemistry are apparent at up to 20 or more years before the onset of dementia in Alzheimer's disease patients, DIAN investigators reported.
We think the DIAN network represents an ideal cohort to bring forth treatment trials and prevention trials," he said, explaining that the cohort is particularly well-suited for proof-of-concept studies of the effects of drugs on biomarkers, and for primary and secondary prevention studies in asymptomatic carriers.