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Law enforcement officials who attended his talk last August were "disturbed to hear a diatribe against Muslims passed off as instruction on the fundamentals of counterterrorism," the publication said.
Because the building was being used as a staging area for the police and other security types protecting the campus from those who might disrobe, burn draft cards and sing diatribes against authority.
I intended to convey the sad reality that Rachel Carson has been the target of diatribes by reactionary, pro-pesticide zealots: "wingnuts.
As Web log, or "blog," software made it easy for individuals to post personal thoughts, observations and even diatribes in online diaries, wiki software extends that concept to groups.
And instead of having to listen to endless diatribes about an angry, judgmental God, June is now able to "find God in my grandma's smile or in Rhett's voice.
Many voices in Christianity, though, call for dialogue and understanding rather than diatribes.
These tangential sections add color to the story, but just as often leave the reader bogged down in seemingly unrelated diatribes.
SIR - I am at a loss to understand why you include the malicious diatribes of Tom Davies in your otherwise excellent paper.
More recently, Sheldon launched another one of the anti-gay diatribes for which he is best known.
But, if such information is between these covers, much of it is lost among irrelevant personal asides and diatribes against mock enemies.
Obviously, Harsnett was not himself a theater-goer and his view of the seductive powers of the theater fits in only too well with Puritan anti-theatrical diatribes like those of Prynne.