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Similar to Tip 1, this prevents a dictionary attack and is difficult to physically pass around compared to a phrase (i.
Merritt, "Encrypted key exchange: Password-based protocols secure against dictionary attacks," in Proc.
5) Once the file has been obtained, a dictionary attack would be carried out, based on a list of previously generated words.
The SRP protocol fulfills the following properties: it allows mutual authentication between the server and the client (server explicitly authenticates the client and vice-versa), it is resistant to online and offline dictionary attacks mounted by an eavesdropper, and it does not require a trusted third party (no PKI infrastructure is needed).
When B receives ([MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), he/she can carry out the off-line dictionary attack using [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
updates Distributed Password Recovery with dictionary attacks and a password cache, making near-instant recovery of strong encryption keys possible.
This gives me an excellent starting point for password guessing and dictionary attacks.
The aim is to provide increased protection against certain attacks like dictionary attacks and matching cipher text attacks, which exploit the short message-block size of DES.
Also, using a phrase or a sentence instead of a single word will make it more difficult for a dictionary attack to work.
the authentication shcemes are vulnerable to the dictionary attack [7].
For example, if your password is "house" it can be cracked in seconds using a dictionary attack that contains hundreds of common and standard dictionary words.
Commonly, salt values are used in password based encryption (PBE) to ward off what is called a dictionary attack.