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This initial choice was based on the relatively good gas diffusion barrier properties of butyl rubber as compared with other common elastomers.
Therefore, we have to determine an appropriate length for the diffusion barrier.
Based on the studies made at VTT, TaN proved to be the best option for diffusion barrier application.
Nonsmokers do not have the same diffusion barrier caused by the inhalation and subsequent deposition of cigarette combustion byproducts in the lungs, which smokers have.
The Extensa system's unique titanium/titanium nitride (Ti/TiN) process technology enables diffusion barrier films with benchmark step coverage and <3% film thickness non-uniformity across the wafer, while achieving best-in-class defectivity and 25% lower CoC2 than competing systems.
On the junction scaling side, a unique ultra shallow junction scheme featured with an integrated diffusion barrier into boron doped SiGe (SiGe:B) strained p-MOSFETs is also been demonstrated.
The first of these inventions relates to a method of using liquid phase deposition (LPD) as a diffusion barrier layer in a selective emitter process.
6 or higher, an in-situ plasma treatment using ammonia or hydrogen is typically used to prepare the surface for the deposition of the dielectric diffusion barrier by removing the copper oxide layer and any residue from the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry.
In addition to the bulk Orion low-k materials, Trikon offers a range of etch stop and diffusion barrier films Orion ES(TM) at k values from 4.
These dielectric materials have been designed to provide other benefits, such as acting as a passivation layer to prevent harmful recombination effects, a diffusion barrier to prevent unwanted diffusion of dopants into certain regions, and a masking material.
Low-temperature applications include silicon nitride diffusion barriers and silicon oxide isolation and passivation layers.
0 and includes copper diffusion barriers and buried etch stop layers including a new k = 2.