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HD-PLC uses power lines for digital communication, and requires analog circuit IP for power control and digital circuit IP for digital communication.
Mr Crosier said: ``The development of digital circuit protection is a fundamental industry-changing proposition.
The other is the development of the actual softswitches themselves, which operate by distributing the functions currently performed by digital circuit switches.
A Unique, Practical Approach To The Design Of High-Speed Digital Circuit Boards
While maintaining and updating the core information--such as cabling, grounding, filtering, shielding, digital circuit grounding and layout, and ESD--that made the previous book such a wide success, this new book includes additional coverage of:
Digital Circuit Solutions (DCS) announces that it has achieved ISO 9001:2000 registration for their quality management system, which includes computer assembly, repair, rework and warehousing of electronic assemblies.
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