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ASEAN-Japan Seminar on Cultural Heritage Digital Archive was also held earlier today at the ASEAN Secretariat.
The release of the Nubian Message digital archive coincides with the NCSU Libraries partnership with the African American Cultural Center (https://oied.
Texas Digital Archive, Texas Governor Rick Perry CollectioN
The initiative led by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) will see each school develop a project based around dance, music, drama or other folk arts using material from their local area that has been sourced from The Full English digital archive.
The alliance between Digital Archive and Hot Neuron will accelerate adoption of Clustify as the premier clustering solution for e-discovery," stated Bill Dimm, Founder of Hot Neuron LLC.
Tansley, Bass, and Smith (2003) describe it in the digital archive context.
While all of these organizations had the right idea by implementing a digital archive, they forgot one major component: technical evolution.
Open Access is an emerging publishing model for peer-reviewed scientific research in which authors and their publishers grant free access to their work as long as the authors are acknowledged and the publisher ensures that the work is made freely available in a digital archive (1).
ProQuest Information and Learning announced that Caldwell College, a Catholic liberal arts institution in New Jersey, has retained it to preserve the college's academic research heritage through a new program that will create a digital archive of its master's theses.
The Naval Media Center in Washington, DC selected Leading Edge Design & Systems (Leading Edge) and DSMCi to provide a media asset management system to manage a large and growing digital archive of Navy and Marine Corps video and audio content.
A team from Indiana University (IU) and the University of Michigan is creating an online digital archive of video recordings and a searchable database for research and teaching, entitled the Ethnomusicological Video for Instruction and Analysis (EVIA) Digital Archive.

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