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The company also dominates the digital audio market with a share of over 70 percent in DAB receivers and has recently launched a new mass market WiFi radio solution which will add Internet radio and network audio streaming capability to mass market audio products.
GEORGE offers consumers the first digital audio system architected for field upgrades for future digital audio sources.
Holt's presentation titled, "Enabling the All Digital Transition for Consumer Electronics," is an overview of the challenges faced by manufacturers of consumer electronics in the quest to transition from analog to all digital audio architectures.
to develop gigabit-Ethernet-based networked digital audio products based upon CobraNet technology, the de facto professional and commercial audio industry standard for delivering uncompressed digital audio via Ethernet networks, and compatible with Gibson's MaGIC technology.
A simple text-based command-line interface ensures that Nero Digital Audio is compatible with any existing audio software that consumers may already be using.
FMeXtra in combination with Orban's Opticodec fundamentally changes the distribution model for broadcasting digital audio.
With D2Audio's superior digital audio technologies, we are able to deliver LCD HDTVs that are fully optimized for audio as well as video performance.
NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced it has expanded its SigmaDSP(R) digital audio processor family to include three new products tailored for the high performance needs of advanced television and audio systems, such as high-definition TVs (HDTV) and increasingly popular "portable/dockable" speaker systems for multimedia players.
Polk's LC265i-IP and LC80i-IP in-wall speakers are active loudspeakers, which feature all digital audio processing with tri-amplification and bi-amplification, provide more faithful music reproduction at low distortion levels.
The Expo Hall is an interior hall accommodating 440 people and was designed for a conventional all-in-one mixer at the center of a cutting-edge sound system that networks the audio signals and control signals via CobraNet technology, the leading standard for delivering digital audio over Ethernet networks.
Digital audio projection is consumer electronics' version of ventriloquism.
Digital audio formats, like satellite radio, online radio and podcasting -- subscription-based programming that is pushed to MP3 players -- are creating new business models and opportunities in radio and the music industry.

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